The Best Life Insurance Plan for 2021 and beyond.

Many of you will roll your eyes at first, but stay with me and I bet you will agree with me! Yes, there are books, articles and videos with opinions on this. A person will hear that term is the best,or that whole life or universal life is best. They can’t all be right, can…
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Life Insurance

LET’S KEEP IT SIMPLE… Life Insurance through Yost Agency Simplified Issue: no exam, quick answer, Whole Life, Term, Universal Standard Issue: may be exam, Doctors records, more time, Whole Life, Term, Universal Many of both types have riders that provide income for: Nursing Home, Critical Illness, Disability Income and Return of Premium The Facts We…
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Annuities combine safety of principal with a range of income options Annuities through Yost Agency: Guaranteed Fixed Annuities Income Annuities Traditional IRA Roth IRA Benefits: Principal protection, which guarantees that the principal invested will never decline. (1) Income options you can’t outlive. Tax-deferred interest accumulation until withdrawal. Competitive interest rate. Can be used in IRAs…
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