Life Insurance


Life Insurance through Yost Agency

  • Simplified Issue: no exam, quick answer, Whole Life, Term, Universal
  • Standard Issue: may be exam, Doctors records, more time, Whole Life, Term, Universal
  • Many of both types have riders that provide income for: Nursing Home, Critical Illness, Disability Income and Return of Premium

The Facts

  • We will all pass away someday
  • There will be expenses and unpaid bills due to our death.
  • There will be income lost.

The Questions

  • How will these Final Expenses be paid?
  • What does it cost?
  • What income will need to be replaced?

We can help you with Life Insurance that is simple.

Simple to:

  • Understand
  • Qualify
  • Own
  • Keep

Yost Agency is an independent insurance agency in Madison, SD. For our clients, we provide on going Service and Consultation for you and your family. David Yost has been Helping people like you with Insurance Services since 1984.